Wednesday, December 19, 2012

He's just growing up too fast! 2 weeks and counting

2 week update:
  • McKay officially has a belly button! The umbilical cord fell off after a week. 
  • He left the hospital weighing 7.0 lbs and by 1 week was back up to birth weight at 7.6 lbs. Today at his 2 week appointment he weighed in at a whopping 8.0 lbs! The doctor was pretty impressed that he is gaining more than an ounce a day. I wasn't too shocked because this kid LOVES to eat! (and when you look at who his parents are that is no shocker)
  • He can suck his thumb and sometimes hold onto his binky.
  • Has only spit up twice
  • Smiles in his sleep 
  • He loves his morning skin to skin cuddle time with dad
  • Gets the hiccups at least five times a day! 
  • And he is getting more cute and lovable by the minute!

I have only been a mother for 2 weeks, but already I know my life will never be the same. 

 Here are some things that I have already learned.

1. I cry. A lot more. Happy tears of course! I cry at anything to do with children and motherhood. Or anything that even reminds me of being a mom.
2. I expect to be peed on daily. McKay loves it when the diaper is off and he can squirt anything and everything nearby!
3. I live for and cherish the "little moments". I never knew how much pure joy could come into my heart from my son doing things like holding onto my finger, smiling in his sleep, making cute old man faces, cuddling,nursing, kissing, singing while tickling his face, and when he looks at me with those big dark eyes. All those little moments just melt my heart and remind me what real happiness is. 
4. Talking about bodily functions are now acceptable and even encouraged. Talking about pooping, burping, and tooting are all normal dinner conversations now.
5. I never fully loved my husband until I have seen him as a father. My love for Lance has just exploded since he has become a dad. One of my favorite things is to watch him play and love on our son. He is a wonderful father. My heart just keeps growing!


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  1. Congratulations Jamie! Welcome to being "just a mom". The best club in the world.