Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Daily Reminder of my Commitment as a Mother

 I am a Mother. I have an eternal bond with my children. As they grow I will be there to love and nurture them, tuck them in, discipline them, and cheer them up. I will teach my children in the home about the doctrines and principles of the gospel. I will be there to send off and welcome my children home. to listen when they call. I will be there to encourage explorationcreativity, and having FUN!! I will find joy in the journey of motherhood EVERYDAY. I will be there to encourage and to build faith. I will be there by their side when others have left, forgot, or betrayed. I  will be in the details of daily life. I will be a loving, mentoring, and cheerful mother who has a purpose and remembers that I am not alone-All things are possible through Jesus Christ.

Most of this came from a very inspiring mormon message for Mothers Day