Friday, January 25, 2013

Precious Firsts

Wednesday, January 2013 is a day to go down in history. Mack had most important First's:

1. First blow out
2. First diaper size upgrade
3. First outfit outgrown
4. First real tears
5. First 5 hour sleep

McKay hit his 6 week growth spurt with a bang! But I am most proud of number 6. I worked so hard for that first smile! He had done little smirks here and there and TONS of smiles in his sleep but I wanted to only count his first real purposeful smile. And now he is a smiling/laughing machine! (when he is in the mood of course) It is so fun to see McKay grow and learn. I have the worlds best job! I am so blissfully in love with that boy. Lance and I have been having so much fun with him! Lance is so cute to watch with him and Mac is definitely a daddy's boy. We can't get enough of this cute little boy!! Here are some pictures to show off how adorable this boy is

McKay had his Baby Blessing Dec. 3rd- I made him a tie using the back side of Lance's tie. I thought it was cute that they matched :) It was a very special day for this very special boy.

We went to Logan to visit Rob & Bridget after Christmas and had a blast! I went to Le Mis with Kathryn and Lance gave McKay his very first bottle!

He is always smiling in his sleep

I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!!!!

My favorite outfit-skinny jeans and a hoddie

Getting his snowsuit to go on a walk with me outside

We thought he looked like papa smurf

We LOVE his carseat cover
This is his "I'm not ready to wake up yet" face

Is it any wonder why we love him so much? My whole life would not be enough time with Lance and him. I'm so glad we have eternity! The plan of salvation is so much more real to me since having a family. What a merciful and loving Father in Heaven we have. I am grateful for the gospel and saving ordinances that allow us to be a family forever.